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Let's talk about why you need vaccination.

  • Disease Prevention: Travel vaccinations protect you from infectious diseases such as yellow fever, hepatitis, typhoid, and more, reducing the risk of illness during your trip.

  • Health Protection: Ensures that you stay healthy and can fully enjoy your travels without the worry of falling ill.

  • Compliance with Travel Requirements: Many countries require proof of certain vaccinations for entry, so being vaccinated ensures compliance with international travel regulations and prevents entry denial.

  • Community Safety: Reduces the risk of bringing diseases back to your home country and spreading them to family, friends, and the broader community.

  • Peace of Mind: Provides reassurance and confidence, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travel experience without health-related concerns.

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What Our Patients Say

  • Kyaw WK

    Very professional, competent and friendly pharmacist. Thank you Basirat for helping me with all my travel vaccinations and taking time to answer all my questions. Highly recommend and would visit again.5 stars.

  • Izzy Pye

    I came to get my travel vaccinations. Pharmacist Basirat assisted me in what I needed and was very helpful and kind. The process was efficient and quick.

  • Gigi

    Great travel vaccination service - informative, polite and I felt personally attended to! 5 stars to Pharmacist Basirat 🌟 🤩

  • Claire Cooper

    My two children received the chicken pox vaccine here and the Pharmacist Basirat was so kind and patient with them, helping to make them feel at ease. I highly recommend.

  • Sandra Seifert

    Santos vaccinated me today and was utterly delightful.

  • Eleana Tarambikos

    Travel vaccines done by the most wonderful pharmacist! Staff are super helpful! I highly recommend this place!

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